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I dedicate this album to my Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ, to whom I count it a privilege to serve.


To my wife, Sherene . . . thank you for your support and encouragement . . . you have been my loyal companion and best friend.

To Martha, my sister . . thanks for your generosity . . I love you.

To my dear friends at Bridgeport Free Methodist Church . . thank you for your prayers and financial support.

To my friends of all denominations who have believed in me over the past several years  . . your joy and enthusiasm for "Good Ole' Gospel Music" will continue to be my inspiration.

To Bob Scott Frick . . Mr. Gospel Guitar . . thanks for your expert advice and encouraging words. Your talent and humor will always be remembered. Every musician that you chose for this project rose above all expectations. To my children and grandchildren . . . may you find in the words of these songs a timeless message that convinces each of you that Jesus Christ is Lord and only He is able to meet the need of your generation . . and throughout eternity to all who listen, may you be richly blessed.

This album is simply "Good Ole' Country Gospel."

~ Paul Eckenrode ~

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